Lunenburg Arms Hotel and Spa

Hand and Foot Care

Not just a manicure or pedicure, this is hand and foot therapy. Customized care for your hands and feet includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles, personalized massage, and your choice of polish. This is a necessary spa experience to bring your hands and feet back into balance.




Hand Treatment $40/45 mins
Foot Treatment $55/60 mins
French Polish Add-on $10
Polish Change $15
Paraffin Treatment $10


Caribbean Therapy™ Hand And Foot Treatment

A rejuvenating and nurturing hand treatment that uses the healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to improve condition of nails, cuticles and hands. A special exfoliating paste and warm seaweed masque combine with Caribbean massage techniques to smooth and soften, relax and renew.



Hands $50/ 60 mins
Feet $65/ 90 mins.