Lunenburg Arms Hotel and Spa



Whether it's deep tissue or strictly for relaxation, our Registered massage therapists are able to customize your massage treatment to focus on your individual needs

30 mins $50
45min $60
60 mins $80
90 mins $115

Stone Massage

Experience indulgence with the sensation of a smooth stone massage. Your massage encompass the sensations of warm and cold stones combined with massage techniques to enhance, soothe, and invigorate your body. (this massage will not be covered by insurance).

75 mins $100

Prenatal Massage

Includes the use of a specialty prenatal massage pillow.

30 mins $50
60 mins $80


Salt Glow

Full-body exfoliation with sea salts and steam show included. Available on its own or as an add-on to any massage.

30 mins $25


Couples Massage

60 mins $160
90 mins $230